Information Safety Policy

To ensure information security, Mitrona will

  • comply with the information security policy, legal and regulatory requirements, and the obligations or dependencies arising from contracts or third parties provided that it remains within the scope and boundaries of information security,
  • keep the information security awareness of our employees high,
  • protect the confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and continuity of all corporate, and personal information within the scope,
  • manage information assets, determine the needs and risks of information and information processing facilities, develop and implement controls for risks, reveal working principles of processing risks, manage risks,
  • always have the competence to rapidly intervene in information security incidents that may occur and to minimize the impact of the event,
  • continuously improve the information security management system and in this context, ensure the sustainability of the system by determining information security goals and objectives.

We commit ourselves to the above principles.

Information security policy is delivered to all employees. It is shared with relevant parties where applicable. It is reviewed at least once a year and immediately in case of major change.